What's Kyvol Robot's Home Mapping function?

How does the Robot do the mapping? ?


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    Cybovac’s home mapping function refers to that the Gyroptic navigation algorithm calculates the vacuum’s relative position in a room in real time thus the robot can create a map as it cleans. So the robot will navigate with greater efficiency without wasting time in vacuuming areas already cleaned. Moreover, Cybovac records the real-time cleaning route on the Kyvol App - so you can see where it has cleaned.

    There are four main navigation systems currently on the market:

    1. Collision, wheel, brush and cliff sensors

    2. Visual or Optical navigation

    3. Laser navigation

    **4. Gyroptic™ navigation

    This is gyroscopic navigation combined with optical flow sensors, which can achieve a similar navigation as VSLAM. Because of a high-precision gyroscope the vacuums “walk” in an accurate zig-zag route while cleaning. Plus, the state-of-the-art optic flow sensor can help calibrate the navigation of the cleaner and increase the cleaning efficiency by 30%.

    Gyroptic™ navigation is used by the E30 and E31 Kyvol Robot Vacuum.


    What if there are areas you don’t want the robot vacuum to go?

    For places where you do not want Kyvol Robot Vacuums to go such as special areas where there are pet food bowls, valuable or sensitive items, or under furniture such as and beds, you can set “no go areas” by placing pre-supplied magnetic strips on the floor. Kyvol Robot Vacuums’ sensors detect the strip and avoid entering the area. A 2m/6.6ft Magnetic Strip is included in the package.

    Please contact us through email if you have any questions related to our products or if you need technical support

    support @kyvol.com

  • Gyroptic™ navigation sounds pretty awesome!

  • no go area is awesome, especially for the games kids are playing with

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