Pet Hair

I've been wanting to get a vacuum that self empties for awhile now but they are pretty pricy and don't really work. I've watched so many videos for different brands and read twice as many reviews. I watched a Youtube video that someone was talking about the E30 model and how well it worked on pet hair. It's hard to say that any vacuum works well on pet hair when your dog has short hair. I have 3 Great Pyrenees dogs between 125 - 169 lbs with long hair. Now these dogs can leave tumble weeds of hair if I don't brush them every other day and don't sweep or vacuum my floors everyday. Why doesn't someone test their vacuums on situations like this? That's a true test. It doesn't make sense provide testimony to a product for pet hair when in fact your dog has barely any. These are my 3 dogs who I sweep and vacuum behind daily.


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