Christmas Sale & Free Gift Campaign

Kyvol has prepared many FREE Chritsmas gifts for you to win!

Try your luck once a day!

Our Christmas Big Sale will start in only a few days too! Stay tuned with us!

Get the gifts here:

1. Free Gift Campaign will start from 12/01/2020 PT time to 12/08/2020 PT time and we will contact the winners and deliver the free gifts before the end of December.

2. The Sale will start from 12/04/2020 PT time to 12/08/2020 PT time

3. Only US residents can join the campaign.

4. Please sign up and log in on to attend the Free Gift Campaign.

5. You can only attend the Free Gift Campaign once a day. Everyday, you have one chance to try your luck during 12/01/2020 PT time to 12/08/2020 PT time.

6. Kyvol may suspend or terminate the campaign or a user’s eligibility to participate in the campaign at any time for any reason.

* Kyvol reserves the right to suspend accounts or remove the qualification if Kyvol notices any activity Kyvol believes is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the Terms of Service. Kyvol reserves the right to review and investigate all the campaigns and to suspend accounts or modify campaign in our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.

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