Vacuum cleans at unwanted times

For the last five nights my vacuum has started cleaning the house at 1 am. I don't have any scheduled cleaning times, and I've cleared out any programming I may have accidentally programmed into the remote, but it still starts cleaning -- and waking me up -- in the middle of the night. Please help :(


  • Concerning the issue, please kindly check the following steps:

    1. Please kindly send us the MAC address and the exact time when the robot starts at midnight

    2. Please check if there is a timer icon on the remote. If so, please cancel the schedule settings. It needs to aim the remote the robot and long-press the Timer button. Then the robot beeps twice and the icon disappears.

    3. Make sure that the time setting on the remote is consistent with local time.

  • Just go into the app & factory reset the vac

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