How to make vacuuming a large house a breeze with Kyvol Cybovac E31

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I appreciate a clean house – knowing that visitors can literally open up any room when my back is turned, so the floors and carpets must be super clean. Make no mistake – I’m no lazy slouch, but I often wish I could have some robots around the house to take away some of my tedious house chores.


Even though I’m fortunate to work from home, my job requires me going out quite a bit too, and then I could seriously use a few robot friends.


Robot vacuums – lots to rave about


My older sister was the first one of us siblings to get a robot vacuum, and it’s her waxing lyrical over her one that made me investigate them more and actually get one too.


I became interested in the Kyvol Cybovacx E31 vacuum cleaner after doing some research on the different models – E20, E30 and E31 - and then discovering the E31 had everything I wanted.


I’ve got a large house and large garden complete with pets and kids. My floors and carpets are forever having pet hairs, mud, grass, cold drink- and food spills as well as other things messed onto them. I was looking for something robust and not afraid of hard work to tackle the lot.


10% Stronger Suction needed


I’ve done my research and found that the suction power of both the E30 and E31 is 10% more powerful than the E20.


I was looking for a super-suction vacuum that could tackle all my ‘big house’ woes.  Fundamentally, these 3 robot vacuums from Kyvol work much the same. They maneuver themselves around the home on wheels and suction debris from the floors. The vacuum comes with different modes or work-patterns so I found that there is zig zag, edge and spot for instance to choose from.


Just for an example, when I chose the Edge mode, the robot vacuum cleaned the edges along the wall or any furniture. It cleans for about 20 minutes and then make its way back to the charging base.


The spot mode is great when there’ve been spills and a stain is the result. If there’s a certain area that needs a bit of intensive cleaning, the vacuum gives that area about 2 minutes of intensive cleaning before going into standby mode. With my large rooms, I find myself choosing zig-zag quite often as this is the most efficient cleaning route, cleaning up more thoroughly. 

There are brushes on the bottom of my robot vacuum as well as spinning side brushes that take up dirt from the floor and wall, guiding the dirt to the suction area and into the filtered bin. 


  • Remote-controlled cleaning


    All of these robot vacuums such as my E31 can actually be controlled remotely by means of the Kyvol App even when I’m not at home. Incidentally, I can install the App from Google Play for instance on my mobile device.


    What a blessing that I’ve had a birthday recently, and with hubby sending plenty of hints my way as to what I’d like, the choice was easy – something to free up some time for myself. Not that I’m a practical gift type of person by any means, but if something can make my life easier, then I say ‘why not?’


    This is something that has amazingly freed up a whole lot of time for me, and its price is less than $200. Actually, having said that - that’s the price of the E20 and E30, as the E31 is a bit more expensive, but still less than $280! A bit of a shock for hubby, but worth every penny spent!.


    Once I discovered that these robot vacuums were soon to be released, I started doing a lot of research on them to make sure I got the right one – the E31. The reason I was so interested in this particular model is that it has a built-in water tank so that after vacuuming your floors they can be mopped.


    The washable cloth mop pads come with ridges and grooves that trap and lock all kinds of debris. The mop cloth is attached on the bottom of the water tank.


    Longer-than-usual battery life


    I was amazed to discover too, that these vacuums have a battery life of 150 minutes – longer than some of the best robot vacuums out there. 


    What is super cool with my E31 is that once the battery reaches a 12% battery level, the vacuum is smart and knows how to get back to the charging station. How cool is that because it means not having to get back home to recharge the vacuum – it knows how to make its way back to the charging station even when I’m out and about.


    We can actually go away for the weekend if we like and know the vacuum is working away while we’re busy with other, more leisurely things.


  • You command your Vacuum


    The cool aspect with the Kyvol Cybovac E31 is that it responds to a voice command with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. That means I simply tell my vacuum cleaner what to do and it does just that!


    It comes with sensors to move around the house making use of a number of sensors to detect obstacles. There are cliff sensors too, so with living in a large house like mine where there are steps, it won’t go crashing down the stairs.


    It may be that like me, there are certain areas in your house that you don’t want your vacuum to go to either. We’ve got a Boxer dog and a Labrador, and their food and water bowls stand in the kitchen.


    I know they will feel most uneasy and threatened with a robot cruising around their bowls. My robot vacuum will know that this is a ‘no-go’ area when I’m not around.


    As it is, my amazing E31 robovac comes with magnetic strips that I simply lay on the floor and then the sensors of the robot detect the strip and don’t go there.


    I was careful when choosing my robot vacuums from Kyvol as I wanted to choose the model that has the particular sensors I wanted and that suits my specific house.


    In fact, Kyvol’s Gyroptic technology means that I’m going to get a lot more accuracy with my vacuum and that it is capable of navigating around and between all obstacles with the greatest of ease.


    Insects inspired the navigation of the E31 robotic vacuum

    You may be wondering how these E-series, Cybovac appliances know how to navigate, but the vacuums have been inspired by insects such as bees and dragonflies.

    The top of the range E31 is an innovative smart home product that I just love having as I get that precision navigation, automatic cleaning schedules and smart suction off hardwood floors and carpets, of which I have both in my place.

    A large 600ml dust bin

    As I have already mentioned, I can choose one of 3 precision cleaning modes – Auto, Edge and Spot – and Cybovac activates its 3-stage cleaning system to get rid of debris in the way I choose.

    Talking of debris, the E31 comes with a 600ml dust bin so that means I don’t have to be continuously fretting about not being there to empty the bin. Also, the clean air filter system with dual-layer and HEPA filter reduces allergens escaping into the air.

    The Cybovac E-series is perfect for people like me- those who are house-proud but who just don’t have enough time on their hands to get to vacuuming.

    The Kyvol App means I can actually set cleaning schedules and my robot vacuum then records its routes so that I can always know precisely where it’s been and cleaned. As mentioned, Alexa is there to take commands. 

    All I can say is that I’m so glad this kind of technology is around for me. It is super cool that my husband saw that so many features come at a reasonable price and that the robot vacuum is gonna make the most awesome gift. 

  • Warranty

    The company Kyvol is also confident that you’ll love your Cybovac that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty. Not only that, I discovered that when we actually registered our vacuum on the Kybol website we got an extra warranty of 6 months, and this is surely worth it.


    Like I’ve said, we’ve got a large house with a flight of stairs, and when I had my upright vacuum I could easily spend an hour to an hour-and-a-half vacuuming the floors each day.

    I’m not one to let my floors go unvacuumed for even one day so I’m looking forward to not spending any more wasted hours vacuuming when I could be doing other more interesting stuff.

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