My Dog's New Best Friend

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If there is one thing you should know about me is that I was not previously a dog person. I hate hair, human hair but especially pet hair. The thought of an animal rolling about and shedding all over my floors was enough to fill me, a clean freak, with dread.

But when my husband came home with a puppy that he had adopted for our kids (who love dogs) It did not take me very long to fall in love with her too. My youngest called her Rosie, and our puppy is now 2 years old. And whilst I love her more every day, I cannot say the same for the never-ending abundance of dog hairs that come with her.

Yes, I am a clean freak, but that does not mean that I like cleaning! My dream is to live in a show-home that takes almost no effort to maintain it. We live in a 2-story Victorian home. I love the original wooden floors, so we had them varnished to look brand new and decorated our home with lovely rugs. Whilst it looks amazing, it’s actually a lot of hard work.


Wood in all the living spaces, tiles in the kitchen and bathroom plus heavy rugs of various sizes and materials requires three different cleaning approaches. It takes me HOURS to clean the floors, it is easily the biggest and most time-consuming job. With the different floor types I was constantly having to switch between different cleaning methods and vacuums, and most traditional vacuums didn’t even touch the hairs that are embedded in my heavy living room rug.


Our first vacuum couldn’t handle the changes in settings so it gave up and broke after 12 months. Our second had enough accessories to clean a small spaceship, but was so heavy and clunky that pulling it around the house made me feel less like a human being and more like a packhorse! Needless to say, I was at my wits' end. That is when the Cybovac E30 (also known as ‘My little Angel’) came into our lives and transformed it for the better. And I am seriously not kidding. A robot vacuum makes a world of difference and I’ll tell you why.


Firstly, it’s really small, neat and self-sufficient. I was worried at first it might bump into things and fall down the stairs and make more of a mess, but thanks to the gyroptic navigation system it maps my home accurately. The advanced gyroptic navigation and high-precision sensors stop it from falling down the stairs for safe cleaning. The robot moves in an efficient zig-zag pattern around the house, cleaning up all manner of dirt, crumbs, and hair as it goes along. This way it avoids cleaning the same spot over and over again and it really helps extend the battery life. I didn’t think my little Fur-Ball of a Pup could get any lazier, but the Cybovac is now her preferred method of travel from room to room!


  • It runs on a timer and will plug itself back in to recharge all by itself! In fact, it’s probably the most independent thing in the house. I do not have to remind myself to start it or charge it, it is all taken care of automatically. When the battery reaches 12% it makes its way back to the charging station all by itself, so you know it has enough power to get back to the dock no matter where it is in the house.



    The settings are so easy to use via the Kyvol App that even my youngest was able to figure it out! I can change functions and set timers in just a few taps, with the easy to understand key start, schedule, and cleaning mode menus. The fact it's all in a handy app on my phone means that I can ask it to vacuum while I’m at work! So, the job is already done before I get home. 

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    The Cybrovac sends its cleaning route straight to my phone, so I know exactly what is going on all of the time and can switch it on and off when necessary.


    However, my personal favourite feature is the 3 cleaning modes you have to choose from, plus a streamlined integrated 3-stage cleaning system that uses 3 different brush modes. These two features put together make for such awesome cleaning power that even stubborn pet hair on my rug can't escape! The robot senses what type of surface it is cleaning and automatically adjusts the suction power accordingly. No more manual switching, or using different vacuums for different rooms. This function alone has saved me so much time and energy cleaning my floors.


    I can even talk to the Cybovac through our Alexa! My puppy is notorious for traipsing in soil from the garden which goes all over the place. I simply ask Cybovac to start and stop when I need it to, every time she makes a mess. I'm fully in control all of the time, no matter where I am in the house.


    The Cybovac E31 has not just saved me time and energy, it has saved my emotional and physical health. Due to its compact size, it reaches a height of only 2.85 inches. That’s small enough to clean underneath the couch and the beds, so I no longer have to do any heavy lifting to keep my floors squeaky clean. Nor do I have to bend and stretch awkwardly to get to those hard to reach spaces under the cabinets. This has saved my back no end!

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    You can really sense how powerful the suction is which surprised me for such a tiny Bot. The functions for edge and corner cleaning means that no spot is missed! Not only that, the highly-efficient filtration system enjoyed by the Cybovac means that my family and I are protected from those tiny dust particles that aggravate my children’s allergies. The Cybovac filters dust particles right into the bin, so you don’t have to worry about any secondary pollution. The unit filters the air as it cleans.


    The only job I have with the Cybovac E31 is emptying it. It’s really easy to empty the bin compartment and maintain the cleaner. But if I am honest, you don't need to maintain it all that much. Don’t let its size fool you, this little unit is very robust and the bin is quite large, so I hardly have to empty it at all.


    The Cybovac and its superior cleaning ability is hours of entertainment for my dog, 2.5 hours to be exact! This is more than enough power to clean every floor in the house, and saves me time having to entertain my pet too! She is quite exhausted after a day spent chasing the Cybovac as it goes about its duties – the best thing is, it doesn’t seem to mind at all. My dog sits on it, chases it, pounces on it, and it has no effect on its cleaning ability. Thanks to the advanced sensors it knows where my dog is and moves around her, so I know both my beloved pet and my wonder-robot can ‘play’ safe!


    The Cybovac E30 freed up more time for me to spend with my family. My day is significantly less busy, so I am getting more sleep and no longer feel exhausted and drained. I am happier, my family is happier, and my dog is just over the moon with her new best friend.


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