How much better is the suction power in the Kyvol E30 and E31, than the E20?

What's the power difference of the three model?


  • Model         Min. Suction Power    Med. Suction Power         Max. Suction Power

    E20                   600                                 1000                                   2000Pa

    E30/E31            600                                 1000                                   2200Pa

    The max. suction power of E30/E31 is 10% more powerful than E20, and will clean deeper.

    However, the items that can be sucked in are determined by the size of the suction inlet and the level of the suction power. The suction inlet of these models is the same, so if the suction power is stronger, it will be easier to get the larger item into the Dust Bin (but the size of the item should be smaller than the suction inlet).

    Here is a picture for your reference:

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