Does E30 automatically switch from hard floors to carpet or rug and back to hardfloor?

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How does this happen? What kind of sensors? 


  • 1. Cybovac can automatically switch the suction power from hard floors to carpet and back to hard floors.

    If the robot vacuums the hard floor in a suction power lower than 1500Pa, it will automatically boost the suction power to 1500Pa when the robot goes on the carpet; when the robot gets back to the hard floor, it will decrease the suction power to the suction level before going on the carpet.

    If the robot vacuums in a suction power stronger than 1500Pa before moving on the carpet, the robot will resume cleaning on the carpet in the same suction power as it works on the hard floor.

    2. For E20:

     When the robot is working on the carpet, the force of friction will increase immediately, and the working current of the wheels and brush motor will increase as well, then the robot will automatically boost the suction power for better performance.

     For E30/E31:

     These two models utilize the optical sensors to judge the floor as the carpet.

    Optic flow technology originates from the visual navigation behavior of bionic insects, and is an image processing system based on the visual structure of insects. It can monitor the moving distance and speed of the robot, at the same time it can detect the characteristics of from the image of the floor and judge the type of the floor.

    For example, when it is working on a carpet, the optic flow image processing system will recognize and judge it as the carpet, and intelligently boost the suction power for deeper cleaning.

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