What is the difference between Modes, how they work - Random, Edge, Spot and Zig-Zag mode?

I have a Kyvol E31 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, how the different modes work?


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    1. Auto Mode: After pressing the Auto button to activate the Auto mode, the robot will clean all accessible space randomly(for E20) or clean following the route of Zig-zag(for E30 and E31).

    2. Edge Mode: After pressing the Edge Mode button to activate the Edge mode, the robot will clean the edges along the wall or any furniture. The robot will clean for about 20 minutes, then return to the Charging Base.

    3. Spot Mode: Locate the robot in the center of any area where it needs to be cleaned intensively, then press the Spot Mode button to activate this function. The process will last about 2 minutes, then the robot will enter into standby mode.

    4. Zig-zag means the Bow-shaped Cleaning Route (E30/E31), please see below:

    In the combination of the gyroscope navigation system and optic flow image processing system, the robot can create the Bow-shaped cleaning route. The gyroscope navigation can precisely calculate its angle and direction, while the optic flow image processing system can precisely calculate the distance and speed, so it can plan a reasonable and accurate road map, such as the Zig-zag route, and thus efficiently complete the cleaning task for the entire room. This way can effectively save time and energy.

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  • Love the Zig-zag route function ?

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